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Model: 140224

Kod producenta: 140224

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pocztex 48  pobranie (19 zł) - 2 dni robocze

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Wanted! - The Boker The Historical Barber is all about saloons, cowboys and smoking guns. Named after the cult barber in the western town of Pullmann City in the Harz Mountains, the razor, strictly limited to 99 pieces, incorporates essential elements of historical Boker razors from the pioneering American era of the Wild West and transfers them to the present day. The satin-finished 6/8 inch blade made of carbon steel is extra-high ground and is beautifully adorned by the eponymous lettering. The avant-garde interpretation of the Barber's Notch literally gives the knife its spurs and decorates the Boker The Historical Barber as the only true Western hero. As elegant as they are functional, ground hollows line the back of the blade, which are tastefully supplied with the jimpings on both sides of the blade. According to historical models, the hilt is made of artificial ivory and receives its optical refinement through the engraved art nouveau ornaments, three studs made of nickel silver as well as the black Boker tree sign. Supplied with an authentic Boker stamp on the blade, a certificate of authenticity and historical packaging. Handmade in the Boker Knife Manufactory in Solingen.

Stal klingi: węglowa
Waga: 50 g
Rękojeść: abalone